The Ultimate "Done For You" 6 MOnth Online Business Accelerator Program
... so you can live and work FREELY!
Hey Entrepreneurs! My goal for the FOUNDER FREEDOM™
Be Your Own Boss program, is to provide passionate female entrepreneurs a badass
"done for you" plan and build for your DREAM online brand and business!

about the creator
Rachel Whynot
Rachel Whynot is the Founder & CEO of FOUNDER FREEDOM™, the first EVER coaching platform for entrepreneurs who want to become “freedompreneurs."
Rachel has built an award-winning multi- 7 figure business from the young age of 22. She has marketed many Fortune 500 brands, which has led to her impressive results today.

As a business & marketing success coach, Rachel has finally combined all of the secrets and strategies that she’s learned over the years, to teach founders like herself how to live and work freely under the FOUNDER FREEDOM™ platform.

“Building a business is not only about strategy and money, it’s about feeling good every step of the way!” This is why she has combined her love of proven business and marketing strategy with feel-good practices, to live and work freely!
  •  "It's incredible to me, how in such a short amount of time, Rachel was able to really see me and the vision that I have and she really helped me hone in on that with clarity that I so badly needed! She guided the path to building my brand and business in a short amount of time, which I was really impressed by. She walks you down a clear path step by step so that it's not too overwhelming. I highly recommend Rachel as a business coach, and her FOUNDER FREEDOM™ program. This is a remarkable program to find success!"                                                                                                                                                 - Dr. Rachel, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Jena says,

"Rachel knows her stuff and is the REAL DEAL..."
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6 Months of Strategy Coaching + Tech Implementation Training 
+ "DONE FOR YOU" services...

Is this a DREAM!? :)
Month 1
  • Create Your Irresistable Brands that SELLS!
  •  Marketing & Packaging 
  •  Value Proposition & Pricing
  •  How to Sell without selling
  •  Set Up Your Social for success! And target your DREAM customers.
  •  Monthly IG Growth Service
  •  Professional Photo Shoot Planning for content that will last a year!
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls + 1 guest speaker training
  •   Tech implementation training
Month 2
  • Website Build With Professional Design & Copywriting With SEO.
  •  Lead Magnet Strategy & Build
  •  E-mail marketing automation set-up
  •  Blog and/or Podcast Set-up & Strategy
  •  Monthly IG Growth Service
  •  4 monthly blogs
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls + weekly + 1 guest speaker training
  •  Tech implementation training 
Month 3
  • Website tech: pixel & analytics  set-up/testing
  •  ASK Campaign with small audience
  •  Online Webinar Sales Funnel Strategy & build.
  •  Video Strategy, Prep & Film
  •  Advanced social strategy to collect targeted leads
  •  Monthly IG Growth Service
  •  4 monthly blogs
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls + weekly + 1 guest speakers training
  •  Tech implementation training
Month 4
  • Official Soft launch
  •  Facebook/IG AD Strategy
  •  Continuous testing/tweaking
  •  4 blogs &  2 podcast creation
  •  Monthly IG Growth Service
  •   Bi-weekly coaching calls + weekly  + 1 guest speaker training
  •  Tech implementation training 
Month 5
  • Launch & Promotions continue
  •  Continuous testing/tweaking
  •   Facebook/IG AD Strategy
  •  4 blogs & 2 podcast creation
  •  Monthly IG Growth Servic
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls + weekly + 1 guest speaker training
  •  Tech implementation training
Month 6
  • Launch & Promotions continue
  •  Continuous testing/tweaking
  •  Facebook/IG AD Strategy
  •   4 blogs & 2 podcast creation
  •  Monthly IG Growth Service
  •  Bi-weekly coaching calls + weekly + 1 guest speaker training
  •  Tech implementation training
You should invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity if:
  • You can't imagine working for someone else for the rest of your life..
  • You have an amazing skill, you just don't know how to turn it into a profitable business.
  • You have a legacy dream that you want to start building NOW.
  • You want to make a real impact in the world and enjoy life to it's fullest potential.  
  • You are an action taker and "make it happen" kinda gal! :) 
"I can’t thank Rachel enough for her incredible teaching and guidance! The FOUNDER FREEDOM™ program took me through the process that allows me to create the business and life of my dreams! Rachel is a marketing genius and is always positive and motivating. I’m absolutely looking forward to working with her more in the future!" 

- Liz, Web & Graphic Designer
Rachel is not only a friend but also a mentor of mine! She’s has impressed me with her knowledge and skills in business and marketing. She’s a true professional and is always super passionate which I love! She has helped me to grow my real-estate and interior design business and also motivates me to surpass my goals.

- Daneya, Realtor & Interior Designers
"I love Rachel and her FOUNDER FREEDOM™ program! It inspires me to accomplish my goals and not only grow my salon business, but also create an online business for my hair extensions, so I can make a passive income and travel the world. I love her!!" 

- Beni, Stylist & Extension Products
Here's another "sneak peak" of what we have waiting for you!! :)

Be Your Own Boss
The ultimate accelerator to being your own boss, so you can live & work FREELY!
1. Bi-WEEKLY Group Coaching Calls & Tech Implementation Training During Program. PLUS Lifetime Membership Access. ($12,000 Value)
Registering for the Be Your Own Boss Program will not only give you access to video tutorials, weekly group coaching and Q&A calls (which include replays if you are not available), and written PDFs.... but you'll also get these bonuses, for free. Including...
2. Members Only Facebook Group: With ALL Like-Minded Girl Bosses For Support And Motivation! ($997 Value)
This is a very private group for members of FOUNDER FREEDOM™ Only!
3. Custom, Professionally Designed Website & Webinar Funnel + Weekly Custom Writen Blogs & Podcast set-up With 6 Professionally Edited Episodes! ($6000 Value)
You will get Access to our professional designers, SEO experts, and copywriters for a DONE FOR YOU online solution!
4. Private Instagram Engagement Group: The Secret to Engagement! ($497 Value)
This is how my own engagement grew 100X in the last month alone! You will be a part of a rockstar group to highlight your content to the people you want to see it the most! ( AND turn them into dream clients of course!)
5. 24/7 Q&A Acces via e-mail with the FOUNDER FREEDOM™ Coaching Team During Program. ($1497 Value)
You will have a VIP support e-mail to answer any and all questions during your dream business build!
6. Specialty Guest Speakers + Inner Circle Status & discounts for upcoming LIVE events through the US & Canada! ( Priceless)
By joining FOUNDER FREEDOM™ and becoming a Freedompreneur, you will have VIP status at our LIVE events as well as discounts and future opportunities! YOU will become a part of our freedom success family forever!!:)
APPLY NOW before it's too late!

You Will Get Less Than Half This Price!
  • Lifetime Access to Online Classroom
  • Easy-to-Understand Guides and Checklists
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Elegant Custom Website & Funnel Design that Converts
  • 4 SEO customer writeen Blogs per month for your website
  • Podcast Set-up + 6 professionally edited episodes with show notes for your website
  • Instagram Targeted Growth & Monetization
  • Speacilaty Guest Trainings every Month!
  • Members Only Facebook Group
  • VIP status & discounts on future events
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Jena says,

"Rachel knows her stuff and is the REAL DEAL..."
Limited Spots Available - Apply Here Now
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